How to Build Muscle and Bulk Up on a Paleo Diet?

When on a paleo diet building muscle is just as effective if not more as any other diet. There are many great factors that will aid you in gaining a lot of muscle mass when it comes to eating a paleo diet. This article will show you how to take full advantage of the many anabolic hormone boosting and muscle building foods within a paleo diet.

Get enough calories

To bulk up fast and add a lot of muscle mass to your frame you will need to be eating more calories than you burn per day. This can easily be accomplished with a paleo diet. Due to the high fat intake it will be a walk in the park to get your required calories per day.

There are over double the amount of calories in a gram of fat compared with protein and carbohydrates. This will give you plenty of prolonged energy throughout the day and during your bodybuilding workouts. It will allow for the slow and constant release of protein to the muscle cells, for optimal growth and repair.

Boost your hormone levels

Eating a diet high in healthy fats and protein is the best environment for increasing you testosterone and growth hormone levels. These are the anabolic muscle building hormones that you need to grow new muscle tissue.

To significantly increase your testosterone levels eat plenty of foods high in fat, mainly cholesterol and saturated fat. Testosterone is derived from cholesterol so the more you eat the higher your cholesterol. A great source of anabolic hormone boosting foods is eggs.

Fuel workouts

Just because you not longer have all you high carb oats and rice doesn’t mean you can’t fuel and recover properly from your workouts. Your body will have converted to using fat as its main source of energy, so give it what it wants.

Eat a good amount of fats and protein before your workout. This can be in the form of a few eggs, a protein shake mixed with some healthy fats like olive oil and coconut cream.

After your workout you can choose to eat a load of carbs or not. Either way your body will recover. To get a good amount of nutrient dense carbs and help to replenish your depleted glycogen stores quicker, eat some fruit. Post workout is a great time to consume some more fats to help elevate the hormone levels and fuel that muscle growth.

Are You Building a Learning Organization?

In today’s economy a business can only succeed if it is willing to grow. Growing doesn’t just mean increasing profits, expanding customer bases, or entering new markets. It also means growing from within by learning together. This theory is referred to as the “learning organization” principle and it was first brought to light in the book The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization. The book focuses on the concept of how to promote learning within a business. Of course, to inspire your organization to continue to learn, you must first lead by example.

The Role of a Leader in Building a Learning Organization

As a leader in your organization, you are the first person who should implement and practice this learning method. As a leader, you make four very valuable contributions to your organization’s development:

• You offer employees a clear vision of why your company exists and where you plan on taking it in the future
• You communicate your vision to your employees and emphasize how learning empowers continuous growth, improvement, and development over time
• You build a group dynamic around your learning vision that helps influence everyone around you
• You lead by example so that others will ultimately follow

How to Create a Learning Organization

Building a learning organization doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen if everyone doesn’t participate. To ensure your company develops into a learning organization, get started with these helpful tips:

• Build learning organization plans: Just like you set training expectations for your employees, set learning plans as well. Your plans should include learning expectations for the quarter, cross-training, and skill stretching assignments.

• Reading: Consider turning continuing education and reading into a company-wide event. Use staff meetings to vote on a new book and then use subsequent meetings to discuss each chapter of the book. Your business coaching company can help with specific reading recommendations on building a learning organization.

• Learn on your time: Your employees still need time to themselves. Offer the opportunity to complete their learning at work, while on the clock, rather than on their own time.

• Promote field trips: Take your employees to different organizations-not competitor organizations-to let them see what challenges and methods other companies use. Non-competing companies will be more apt to share information and training tips for building a learning organization than competitor companies.

• Employ cross-functional teams: Use these teams to look for new growth opportunities, promote new ideas, and help solve problems company-wide.

• Make learning easier: If your employees feel as though they’re working when learning, they are less likely to fully participate. Instead, make learning more convenient by offering books about building a learning organization on tape, online, and CDs.

• Pay for education: If you want your employees to learn and grow their own personal and educational skills, you need to help them out. Offer to pay for employee’s tuition-whether in full or through a percentage-to encourage them to continue their education well past graduation.

Lastly, if you are working with a business coaching company, it has probably already helped your organization put a performance management program in place. Use this program to gain feedback from employees and management on how learning is progressing, where it can improve, and any suggestions for building a better learning organization in the future.